I’m Mad As Hell (Yes I Said It)

Are we not human? Do we not have the same blood running through our veins? Do we not have a heart that beats the same? Do we not breath the same air? Of course we do, but there are those that say there is nothing the same about none of us. What separates people in this world is simple, MONEY, SOCIAL STATUS, RELIGION, SkIN COLOR, POWER, and GREED, HATRED. The hardest thing in this world for people to do or be is UNTIED.
What has me angry, I should’t have to explain that, turn the t.v. on and watch the news. There isn’t a day that goes by that there isn’t a tragedy. I’m pissed off because, we all have to live in fear, even in the places that are supposed to be the safest for us.
Enough is Enough already, damnit I want to live. I want to be free of the fear that man has placed over our heads.
But oh how tragic it is to be part of the human race, we live in vain trying to survive in a world that is trying to kill us. Yes, I said it. There is no irony in this; just truth.
Today as I did thirteen years ago i watched another tragedy happen, like a scene out of a movie, a bombing in Boston; on a day where the best of the best marathon runners gather and race to a finish line to victory, even if they aren’t the best some do it for the challenge, some just to be able to say I accomplished this and made it to the finish line, they come from across the country and from across the world. families gather once a year for this honorable event. Of course some people decided that it wasn’t going to be that enjoyable and set off two bombs in a crowd. The youngest injured was eight years old and later that child died from injuries sustained from the explosion.
Now I know that things like this happen everyday across the world; for some countries this is an everyday occurrence. But WHY do we all have to live like this. Why do we have to bury our loved ones because of peoples hatred and greed? Why? Why do we have to wake up every day and worry if we will make it home safely or if our children will make it home safely?
From one human to the next I Love You, because you are human and I see you as my equal, as my neighbor as my friend and as my family. But at the same time I hate you because you have lost your sense of humanity over something that never belonged to just one person in the first place.
It’s time for us as a race to stand together to end this fear and hatred.

This post wasn’t written for just one nation, I wrote it because every nation has experienced this. We need to be one people under god. Our nations leaders are the ones that need to get it together. But we as a human race need to stand together.


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