The Rain / Aka Short Story

It had been raining on that day, the morning forecast had called for a beautiful warm and sunny day, but here I was standing outside the front doors of a law firm watching the rain pound the sidewalk, turning it from a light grey to a dark grey in a matter of seconds. People who hadn’t brought umbrellas were running for cover, not wanting to get wet, but i stayed still letting the rain drops fall around me and on me. My phone in one hand and my suitcase beside me; I was frozen in time, no expression could explain what my heart was feeling nor could they explain why I stood there and let the rain drops cover my tears. I wanted to scream out my sorrows so the whole world could know that pain that visited back at the restaurant, the agony I felt as those words spilled from those lips and fell upon my stunned ears. The words were emotionless like the flicker of a dying candle. When those lips finally stopped talking, I could no longer see the eyes that i cherished, the warmth that they brought had diminished in a matter of ten minutes. Slowly I stood up on shaky legs turned and walked away, there was nothing for me to say, no reason for me to stay. The warmth that I wanted to follow didn’t move to come after me, it stayed at that table lit by beautiful white candles. Is this what being in shock feels like? Leaving, didn’t cause tears to flow. The heavens must have know at this moment that i needed to let go, SO here I am standing at in front of the locked doors of a law firm in the rain silently and secretly letting the heavens mask my tears. 

No one stopped to offer me shelter, no one stopped to ask if I was okay. Suddenly I could no longer  feel the drops hitting my shivering body. I look up.
  • I want to try something a little different, this story is an interactive story; in order to give it life read the first part which I wrote, after reading add on what you think should or want to happen. I used this method on facebook, here is the link to the original story. 
  • I look forward to reading what my audience adds on to this story and also look forward to your feedback. Enjoy and have fun with it.

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