Remember Back When

Remember how it used to be, when things were carefree, sitting on the porch on a cool summers night catching a breeze. Or running around barefoot letting the grass slide beneath your feet and in between your toes. Remember walking or running up the road to the store with friends to buy ice cream and candy and going to the water front to watch the boats come in. Remember climbing the tress to the top and sitting there wishing you could flap your wing and fly away, Or picking the cherries off the branches and eating them there. Running through the watermelon fields to find the biggest one, crack it open just to enjoy the juices. Remember playing double dutch to see how long you could jump or riding your bike down a long country road just because you could, or turning on the water hose to stay cool. Remember your first crush or your first love. Remember the family cook out, every one enjoying foods that your fathers and uncles cooked while drinking beer and talking sports while your mothers and aunts listened to the radio to Marvin Gay or The Dells, dancing and singing along. Remember being a little girl and your mother sitting you in front of the stove and doing your hair with the hot comb or a little boy being taken to a barbershop by your father for your first hair cut, and the smell of aftershave. Remember when our days were once carefree. Remember.


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