My Reaction

I decided to do some shopping one beautiful spring day, I was happy because this day was our 10th anniversary. All day I had been thinking about those years gone by our happiness, our adventures, the good and the bad. Right now my hands and arms are filed with presents and groceries so we can celebrate tonight and in the morning we can make the cruise to the Caribbean. Earlier in the day i had lunch with the girls; they said I was glowing, I also saw the doctor like you asked so now i have even more good news.

All I can think is happy, happy, happy, and then suddenly, my head turned and I was looking into a restaurant. My smile faded slowly, as I watched you and sitting with you was a woman who wasn’t me. You sat very close together, her hand in yours. You lean over and kiss her tenderly on her lips and look lovingly into  her eyes. In my mind I’m thinking kill him or going in and snatch that bitch up from the chair and whoop her ass, or just wait till you come home and shoot you in your heart with the riffle as you walk in the front, but then I thought why jeopardize my life by taking yours. Instead I dropped my bags where i stood and walked into the restaurant past the waiter stand and to your table. Your back is too me so neither of you see me coming. You’re to entranced with each other to care, slowly i walk to the front of your table and clear my throat. Oh the look on your face is priceless. You looked very shocked I thought for sure you were going to jump out of skin, your lady looked more shocked than you. Then i saw it her stomach she’s pregnant probably due any day. My heart sank more. I have very few words for you, only three come to my mind

“I’m pregnant too.”
I place my wedding ring and band on the table and walk away. I knew you wouldn’t follow right away cause your not the kind of man that likes to create a scene. At that point I knew I wouldn’t be home when you arrived. I had a boat to catch.


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