Commitment (2013)

Give me a moment to stop crying.

I heard a lot of people say that this was a good movie, and I love action movies, but the fact that Big Bangs T.O.P was staring in it was enough to make me sit down and feed my curiosity. I’ve only seen him in his video’s and through pictures and once on “RUNNING MAN”.

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I didn’t know what to expect, of him in high performance, there shouldn’t have been no worries right because of course he’s T.O.P. What I witnessed this morning in this action packed movie was our handsome Idol give me the unexpected…. no words can merely explain how fascinating it was to see him acting his role to perfection, every once of pain, and happiness he felt… moved me to tears all the way to the end, every time he had to fight and defend himself even if he was the attacker…I was glued to screen and holding my chest praying that he would survive the scene.

Even now, 20 minutes after watching this movie I am fighting back my tears because the ending that I had hoped for I didn’t receive, instead I was met with watching this man fight to save the woman he had fallen in love, only to watch him become tired and close his eyes.

I feel in a way that at the end he knew what is outcome would be before going in for this woman… he laid his life down for his sister and his lady, he stayed committed and now I’m crying again just thinking about it. T.O.P Oppa you did very, very well, and I hope to see you in more movies and drama.

I you haven’t seen this yet I suggest you watch it. It’s worth it.


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