“Heirs Ep. 16” (That Kiss Though)

Heirs Ep.16 Kim Tan and Eun Sang Kiss

That was not a just let the lips touch kiss, That was a full blown take charge, you’re mines passionate kiss, Yes JEALOUS MUCH lol. The father is proving to be ruthless in controlling his sons lives. Kim Tan and Kim Won in order to defeat their father, they are gonna have to put their hatred for each other aside and become one. Poor Eun Sang, she still ended up sacrificing her love, but just where the hell did shed and her mother go. Did they really leave Korea? It seems though that both Won and Tan are going through the same crisis as far as the women they love, in the end of all things would either of them be willing to give it all up for these women. Nah…the father won’t allow it. Four more episodes and the suspense is killing me. Well till next weeks episodes.


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