I Don’t have This Problem (Men)


Nadine’s phone rings at eight p.m. She looks at her caller i.d to be sure its some one she doesn’t want to hear from, but it read Crazy Stacey; her best friend since elementary school. Nadine smiled to herself as she answered wondering why Stacey had been calling this early when they were about to meet up for dinner later on in the evening.

Nadine:   “Hey I was just on my way home to change and head over to the restaurant.”

Stacey:    ” Girl I don’t know if I’m gonna make it tonight.”

Nadine:    “And why not? I told you it was my treat.”

Stacey:      “I’m having man problems. I just got into a major argument with Stan about a lipstick stains on his work shirt.”

Nadine:      “Oh that doesn’t sound to good. So what happened exactly?”

Stacey:        “I was sorting the laundry and I picked up his shirt to drop it in the cleaners pile and on the collar and chest of his shirt were lipstick stain. I didn’t want to jump to conclusions, i thought maybe there was a good explanation for this. So I waited for him to come home and asked him about the shirt. Girl he blew at me, snatched the shirt out my hand and told me it was none of my damn business and that from now on he would take his own clothes to the cleaners. I screamed at him to get the hell out of my house and that I wasn’t going to deal with a cheating man and he just left with some of his stuff.”

Nadine:   “Just like that, without an explanation?”

Stacey:    “Yes, just like that. I’m a little depressed and I don’t feel like going to the restaurant with you. Let me ask you Nadine, lately I haven’t heard you complaining about your sex life or your man, what do you do to keep him in place?”

Nadine:    “Oh thats easy, I replace his batteries every time he wants to act dysfunctional.”

Stacey:     “Are you saying….?”

Nadine:     “Yes that’s exactly what I’m saying. The perfect man.”


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