“I Love You” Chapter 17/PT. 1

  • Message from the author  “I know that it may seem strange for me to post chapter 17, when I have only chapters 1-7 posted as pages. I currently in the process of transferring chapter 8-16 over to WordPress, but if you wish to read 8-16 beforehand, please follow the link below to Blogspot.com. I hope that you enjoy this chapter. Feed back is welcomed.


Kim Young Min

        I watched as this stranger turned his back and walked back up the driveway and the gates closed behind him. How could she not see me? Did our love not mean anything? Yes Mr. Moreau I will be back, you can stay by her side all you want, but I will not give up on Eun Sun.

       I drove off in a fit of anger, slamming my fist into the steering wheel. I thought she would be more welcoming towards me. Thought that it would have been her to greet me with a smile and a warm hug. To many thoughts, so much anger, and the woman I love refuses to see, refuses to let me see her, so that I can apologize and ask for her forgiveness. I have so many question and still no answers. To Choi Eun Sun I will never stop.


       I was greeted at the door by my mother, how I would have loved to be able to feel at ease around this woman, but every time she showed herself before me I remember all that she has taken away from me and my heart aches. I don’t bow to her, but walk past her as if she were invisible. I was in no mood to argue with her nor did I have it in me to have a meaningful conversation with her. Mother followed me anyway waiting for the perfect moment to say her peace. Up the stairs to my office, I dropped my coat and briefcase on the sofa and poured a drink. My mother closed the door and stood beside me, her hands clasped together she sighs.

“Did you meet with that person?”

“That’s none of your business.”

“Your mood says that it didn’t go as you thought it would. That’s good.”

“My mood is do to you interfering in my life.”

“I only wants what best for you and that person will only ruin your life. How long will you continue to defy me?”

“How long will it take you to realize that I have not forgiven you for killing my child? The only reason your still living in this house is because father allows it.”

“This is my last warning to you stop trying to see that wench. The only reason she is alive is because I allowed it.”

       Mother slammed her glass on the counter and walked out. I considered her threats empty. Thinking about it now, it’s good that Eun Sun has the extra security. Past experience says had my father not shown up at my home five years ago Eun Sun may have well been killed along with the child.

       How had mother known that I had been to see Eun Sun? Then I remember something that foreigner said that had to do the Dt. Jang. “Tell Detective Jang to be more inconspicuous next time. You may also want to check how much you can trust him. How do you think your mother found out Eun Sun was back?” I scratched my head; no he wouldn’t would he?




Nine-Year Ago

Seoul, South Korea


“Soon-Yi lets go to the café for ice coffee. This heat is exhausting?”

“If I say yes are you going to tell me why you came back from the States without Yoon Il Sung?” 

I rolled my eyes at my sister the name she had mentioned was one that I wanted to quickly forget. That bad bastard disappeared one day without so much as a phone call, a letter nor was there any goodbyes. He was nice enough to leave his half of the finale payment for our apartment. I spent weeks trying to track him down, but there were no signs of him, fed up, tired and heartbroken I put out apartment up for sale and returned to Korea.

“How could Il Sung be that irresponsible? I trust him with you.”

“I trusted him as well Soon-Yi. I hope that where ever he is he’s suffering the same hell he left me in.”

       Neither of us wished to venture back out into the sweltering summer heat, so we chose seats by a window that gave us a nice view of the streets outside.

“You should go on some blind dates, I know the perfect…”

       Soon-Yi stopped mid sentence, maybe she knew better than to ask me about blind dates, my answer would have been no. Suddenly she was tapping my arm excitedly, saying my name repeatedly, her excitement meant there was a handsome guy in the vicinity and I had no intentions of looking at whatever man had captured her attention and excitement… Soon-Yi’s mind had been on doing blind dates recently and though she wasn’t that much older than me she wanted to quickly get married and have children. I ignored her pleas, I didn’t want to think about men, in any way form or fashion, after the disaster breakup with Yoon Il Sung my confidence in dating was at zero.

       In Soon-Yi’s excitement she was slamming the palm of her hand into my arm, I looked at her inquisitively and shook my head no towards her, frustrated with me she reached across the table and forcefully turned my head towards the window to see the man that distracted our conversation. She screamed yelled at me “JUST LOOK!”

       Time stopped for a mere second as I gazed out the window a man of exquisite quality was standing just outside in front our window where we were seated, his phone to his ear looking around as if he was looking for someone; Soon-Yi let go of my face, but I couldn’t tear my eyes away from this man. Without warning he turned and looked in our direction still talking on his phone. His eyes… his eye; suddenly my heart is beating erratically, my chest tightens up, breathing has become hard. “Oh, Eun Sun his is coming this way!” Soon-Yi’s excitement wasn’t helping me any and she still hadn’t noticed the distress I was in, neither did then I remembered that I had been holding my breath.

       I panicked and started to put my phone keys and purse back into my back. But why was I so panicky? Why can I feel heat rising up in me? Most of all why was my heart going crazy? “Soon-Yi, I’m leaving first, I’ll call you later.”

“Huh? Why? Choi Eun Sun! What’s wrong?”

       The bell to the café door chimed, the man had entered, and I was looking for a quick exit, but the only exit was the door he had entered. As I backed away from our table repeating myself to Soon-Yi, I hadn’t been paying attention; I turned to make a quick get away and crashed into a wall or so I thought, dropping my bags and my drink and almost toppling over myself a pair of big hands, warm against my already hot and blushed skin, reached out grabbing my shoulder and stopped me from meeting an embarrassing fate with the ground. I dared not look up into those eyes, instantly I knew had collided with the gentleman that gave me this unusual behavior. One of my hands gripped onto the sleeve of his jacket and one left arm was now around my waist holding close to him as if I had fainted (wait did I just faint).




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