“I Love You” Chapter 17 PT.2

My nervousness to get away turned me clumsy, should I pretend that I have fainted, no I can’t nor can I continue in this awkward embrace with this gentleman. Soon-Yi jumped to her feet quickly, instead of helping me, I could hear her giggling off to the left. Unable to make eye contact with this stranger that held me so tenderly to keep me from fully falling, I lowered my eyes towards his chest in embarrassment and inhaled his sent; mmmm… he uses red lavender. As reality crept back to my brain I found my balance and quickly pushed myself away from him… oh what have done. I bowed three times apologizing still not meeting his gaze. Dropping to my knees to pick up my belonging that had fallen to the floor, an unfamiliar female voice called out to him,

“Mr. Kim is everything alright?”

       His voice was deep but so soft as he spoke to this woman my heart felt as if it was going to stop.

“Mrs., are you alright? I’m sorry I wasn’t paying attention..”  

       Was he talking to me? Was he asking if I was alright? Why couldn’t my feet move a little fast to get me out of here. Slowly I stand, answering his question with a nod of my head. Soon-Yi still hadn’t come to my rescue she stood to the side waiting to see how I would handle this situation. The stranger still hadn’t moved to the side so I could leave. He kept trying to get a look into my eyes but I kept my head lowered. Of course my sister who loves me so much says to the man,

“Her name is Choi Eun Sun!”

“Soon-Yi…” I said under my breath, still not lifting my head or looking in her direction. But then… but then, there was a hand coming up towards my face, it lightly touched my chin; slowly lifting my head and he says my name softly, “Choi Eun Sun.” my eyes saw his lips first, then his nose, the tips of his eye –lashes, I thought to myself as I saw the glimmer in his eyes, Omg, Am I standing in front of Daniel Henney? This man could be his twin. So tall and lithe is the man standing before that my eyes meet his chest. A chest that, despite being hidden beneath a well tailored suit one could tell was perfectly defined. His hair was groomed perfectly with every strand in its place that shaped his face like a glove. His eyes were bright and when we made eye contact they sparkled with a warm glow.”

My name escaped his lips again, I was captivated, those eyes, (talk about being stuck) His is lips turn into slow grin, exposing his perfectly white teeth. Thump…thump…thump…thump…thump…thump, it’s going to fast and…and…




One thought on ““I Love You” Chapter 17 PT.2

  1. I am still enjoying the story with a little couples background. I am looking forward to reading more. 🙂

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