“I Love You” Chapter 18

Kim Young Min

Nine Years Before

I hadn’t expected her to faint, she looked nervous. Was it something I said? I was captured by her beauty, her big doe eyes, pure hazel green, such innocence there. When I saw her eyes go back and as she was fainting, I quickly rushed forward and caught her in my arms (light as a feather). Without hesitation I tossed my car keys to my secretary,

“Mrs. Park bring the car… quickly!”

I lifted Mrs. Choi fully into arms and carried her outside the restaurant, her sister following behind. The summer heat was unbearable and Mrs. Park seemed to take forever. Questioning Mrs. Choi’s sister,

“Why did she faint suddenly?”

“She saw you. She intended not to face you, for what ever reason, she was trying to avoid you.”

I looked down at the woman and tried to recognize her, but there was no memory. Had she known or talked to me prior to seeing me here. I had been in Paris for two months, and then it hit me; an incident similar to this at a small barista in Paris a month ago, only the woman then didn’t faint, she seemed to be in a rush and slammed into me knocking us both over.

My eyes widened as I looked down at Mrs. Choi’s face closely; She is definitely the woman that ran into me in Paris, only that day she had tears in her eyes. Those eyes I will never forget, she had starred at me so intently, that moment was broken by the call of her name and a man coming towards us. She turned to see him coming stood up and ran away. Not asking if I was alright, nor did she apologize. By the time the man and I had reached the parking lot she had disappeared. Luckily for me I found her or should I say she found me again. Thank god for her nervous, she had recognized me, out of her embarrassment she was trying to flee.

Unfortunately I couldn’t take her to the hospital, showing up there with her in my arms would cause more problems than needed with the media and I didn’t want to put these sisters through that. So I instructed my secretary to go to the office, we would take the service elevator to my office away from prying eyes, where I could get my personal physician attend to her without question. This time I will not let her run away without an apology. No I will not let her run away at all. These were my thoughts as my car was pulling into the underground garage of Kym’s Fashion.


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