“There Are No More Excuses” Written By: Adrian Rivers

Mr. Adrian Rivers

I would like to believe that Facebook is not a reflection of our society, but then that would mean that people are being fake on social media. While this is probably true in many aspects it is still a reflection of the state of mind people are in, pretending to be something they are not in order to gain social acceptance and approval. And for those that it accurately portrays what does this say about the current generation.

Yesterday I saw more posts about Robin Williams than about another black youth slain at the hands of so-called peace officers. I mean no disrespect to him, or to anyone who feels the need to offer words for someone who many of us have no doubt heard of and enjoyed his gift to the entertainment world. But Mike Brown, represents someone many of us also know, a brother, a son, a friend. This is where our priorities are, what matters to us, it all amounts to entertainment in some form. We pull out phones hoping to get views on Worldstar Hip Hop and Youtube, likes on Facebook and Instagram. The proof is in what gets shared the most, ignorance, violence, sex etc… Even when the cameras capture important things like police brutality our outrage stops at a comment on the link. I am so tired of hearing no justice no peace, we are the most peaceful, docile, obedient negroes on the planet. The only time we aren’t is within our own community. The riots are an expression of anger, but a completely backwards expression. If your neighbor shits in your yard why would you burn down your own damn house to make a point to him.

The willful ignorance of this generation is at a ridiculously high level, I will be the first to defend my people and explain the systematic manipulation and institutional racism that has kept minorities oppressed for centuries, but in the age of information it is getting increasingly difficult for me to ignore the fact that many of us are willingly turning a blind eye to information and opportunities that are staring us in the face. We don’t have any Malcom X’s or Martin Luther Kings anymore because we are more hypnotized with swag over substance, no Sojourner Truths or Ida B Wells because we prefer bad bitches instead of strong women.There is no conspiracy anymore, it is a very obvious plan being carried out before our eyes.

The poverty that once blocked access to books and ways to educate yourselves is no longer an excuse if you have access to social media then you have access to the internet where countless books are available for free download. You can’t claim you haven’t been exposed to the information when the reality is that you scroll past it, the same person who posts some negative bullshit can get hundreds of likes and comments, but 2 hours later post something informative and have it be virtually ignored. A man named David Walker once had to sew pamphlets inside the lining of used clothes to spread his abolitionist message, but in 2014 when we have every digital medium at our fingertips to spread messages worth hearing, the most retweeted quotes are not anything of intellectual value, but the same recycled bullshit about money and imaginary haters. The entire planet is spiraling into chaos, international crises are multiplying and we will continue to be helpless to do shit about them because we can’t even organize ourselves enough to keep police from beating and killing us in our own country.

“You love to shoot a nigga but you scared to pop a cop “ ~ Tupac


Originally Shared on Facebook.com

See the Original @ http://www.facebook.com/adrian.c.river.1


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