The door flew violently open, almost coming off the hinges. Startled out of our sleep, Corbin and I jump as six burly men rush into or room and towards our bed, ripping me away from him as I struggle to stay beside him. On the other side of the bed three of the men pull a fighting Corbin out of the bed and force him down to his knees holding his arms behind his back. I’m crying and struggling to get free, but no matter how much I tried the men restraining me were too strong. Then here was a figure standing in the doorway, the light from the corridor giving a feminine silhouette in to our room. A woman? From what I could tell she was dressed very expensively, her perfume strong. Who is she, I thought, what the hell is going on, is he married to this women? Although I could see her face I could tell she was older, to old to be his wife.
She walks over to me and with a wave of her hand the men bring me to my feet. The mystery women stand in front of and all I can see is the glow of her eyes, she looks me up and down and speaks
“So…this is the little tramp you’ve been running around with? Do you know how long it took your father and I to track you down?”
Her hand came up and then down across my face. The sting was instant; all I felt now was anger. There was hatred in her eyes, I suppose it was towards me, but what had I done wrong for her to hate me so much. Corbin was still struggling to free himself from his holders, desperately wanting to get to me. 
“Mother let her go. I will go back with you. Just leave her out.”
“Will you really Corbin. She’s very beautiful, I can’t trust that you won’t return to her.”
She ripped my shirt open exposing my chest, grabbing my face; she smirked at me. Tears were flowing, dropping to my chest as I shivered in fear, not knowing what this woman would do to me.  She looked closer into my eyes,
“ No she loves you. This I will not allow.”
She snapped her fingers, the two men holding my arms threw me against the wall, and the force sent me to the floor, knocking the wind out of me. Pain shot down my back, making it impossible to move, I kept my eyes closed, footsteps approaching me I tried to pull my body closer to the wall. Corbin was yelling for the men not to touch me, threatening to them. Telling his mother he would never forgive her, but she ignored his pleads and told the men to continue. All I could do was to brace myself for what was about to happen. One man grabbed me by my hair and dragged me to the middle of the floor, I screamed out in pain and struggled but he yanked harder, the other man landed his foot to my stomach three times to make me stop struggling.
“Mother she’s carrying my child, stop!!!”
She walked over to him slaps his face, but that didn’t stop the assault on me. A blow to the right side of my face sent me again crashing into the floor, I was weak from fighting back that I just stayed there praying they would stop. He tore the rest of gown from me. I screamed louder and fought harder, refusing to let these men violate me, scratching kicking for my life and that of my unborn child, but he kept land a blow each chance he could. 
I was dazed I could no longer fight my energy was spent. I could here Corbin saying my name “Eun Sun” over and over again. I turned my head towards the broken door, wincing from the beating I suffered, every breath I took felt like death would take me at any moment. 
I heard a rush of footsteps, my vision blurry, I could see a gang of feet rush into the room. There was no movement, just silence. Then a single pair of steps, quick but light, but all I could see was his feet as he entered the room. I glanced up to see; his eyes were on me, then to Corbin’s mother. 
But he said nothing back to Corbin, kept his eyes on his wife, he slapped her so hard it sent her down to the bed.
“ I told you to bring them both back to Korea. What have you done? Release my son this instant.” 
The men release his arms, and quickly Corbin grabs a sheet from the bed, rushes to me and covers my body and pulls me into his arms. 
“Choi Eun Sun…Choi Eun Sun! Look at me baby. Look at me.”
He was moving my hair from my face to get a better look at my face, but I refused to look at him.  He was crying, begging me to hold on. His father spoke. 
“Corbin take her to the car, to the airport the plane is waiting Dr. Lee is there he will take care of her.”
He obeyed his father. As he lifts me I slipped into a sleep.



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