Inside the House  
Kim Hyun Jae 
Kim Min Kyung 

“What the hell were you thinking? I said bring them both home. You deliberately went behind my back to do things your way. Hyun Jae, that is your son, so you think he will forgive you for this? When will you stop trying to control his life?”
My wife was on her knees in forgiveness, but I knew that her tears and begging were in vain. 
“That young woman did nothing to you, and if she looses the baby….”
She stood up at the mention of the baby, straightened her clothes and the tears went away.
KJ- “I will not allow that woman into our family and so what if she does lose that bastard she is carrying. Young Min (Corbin) will not be with her then and will do as I say and marry into the Han family!”
“Remember how hard it was for you to marry into my family. You will not destroy or bring shame to this family. From here on out, your money is cut; you will only be given what needed to take care of the house.”
“You wouldn’t…”
“It’s already done. How can I trust you after this? I asked you once before to stop the backhanded business, if I continue to let you be like this you will bring us all down. The next step will be divorce if this keeps up.”
Hyun Jae, grabbed my arm, I brushed her hand away. There was no sincerity, in her begging, or apologies. 
“Don’t. Take a commercial flight back, from now on you stay in the guesthouse, I don’t want to see you.”
I turned and walked away. Leaving her there. Hyun Jae has always been one to want control and power, she was sweet and caring when it benefitted her, but when things didn’t go according to her plans she used money and status to throw her weight around to get what she wanted. Causing people to believe that our family was nothing but a bunch of thugs. I have had enough of it. I will not allow my family name to be ruined any further. All of her credits cards were cut, and her position at the office terminated. 



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